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Everything you need to know about Fitness Friendz

Fitness Friendz

Fitness Social Network

  • Sign up to Fitness Friendz for free and become a member of one of the best fitness social networks on the web.
  • Gain full access to a comprehensive workout management and fitness ecosystem in order to maximise your fitness goals.
  • If your a fitness professional, take advantage of our easy to use client management software and showcase to users the services you offer.
Exercise, Workout & Nutrition Database

Access an online library of workouts and exercises. Add personalised workouts or exercises to create your own online library. Create your own diet plans, add your own, or choose from over 11600+ food items.

Directory of Activity Locations

Search for an activity location near you, whether it’s a gym, leisure centre, park or tennis club. As a fitness professional add your own Activity Location by signing up and adding your details.

Workout Log Tracker

As a fitness enthusiast enter your workout details and gains and directly track your progress over time. As a fitness pro update the progress of your clients giving them instant feedback. Print out your exercise progress and body statistics to review at your leisure.

Client Management Tool

Manage all your clients and appointments in one place. Make workouts and diet plans available to your clients via their training profile. Invoice your clients directly, add existing ones and accept new ones.

Directory of Fitness Professionals

Search for a fitness professional near you. Make direct contact with a fitness professional of your choice and request a consultation. Search for fitness professionals with specific specialities to meet all your training needs.

Social Network

Connect directly with your clients and accept consultation requests from new ones. Create a personal profile and showcase your workout gains as a fitness enthusiast. Add fitness professionals to interact directly with them and get notified of your next session via alerts.

The Company

Fitness Friendz was developed out of the need for a tool to log workouts in the gym. From this simple requirement an online and mobile workout manager and client management platform for fitness professionals was born.

The team is based in London, England and we're constantly working to make Fitness Friendz the go-to fitness ecosystem for professionals and enthusiasts.

Our Aims

Our goals are simple. We aim to provide everything a fitness professional needs to manage their clients health activities whilst also providing a platform for easy communication between fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike.

But we're not just a service for professionals. We provide tools for fitness enthusiasts who love keeping tabs on their progress with our online workout log tracking tool as well as a place to interact with other like minded fitness individuals. Manage your diets, add goals and find local fitness professionals or activity locations, gyms and health clubs in your area.

By joining our network, whether you're a fitness pro or just love to keep fit, showcase your passion for healthy living and immerse yourself in a world of fitness.

  1. Welcome to Fitness Friendz

    Click the 'Next' button and take the quick tour to get a brief overview of all the features available.

    Restart this tour anytime by clicking on 'Quick Tour' in the About menu above, or close the tour at anytime by closing any of the tour stops.

  2. Personalise Your Presence

    Add an image or change your default avatar here, a description about you and set what other Fitness Friendz members can see by clicking here.

  3. Add Images

    Allow potential clients to see how you train and what you do with your existing clients by creating your own personal galleries.

  4. Manage Your World of Fitness

    Add your clients using the Management section, create your own workout & exercise library or use our comprehensive library and start maximising your time.

  5. Check Out What's New

    Here you will see notifications of all new messages, appointments, consultation requests and how many people are tracking you.

  6. Showcase Your Services

    Update your profile and ensure you are searchable in our Fitness professional directory.

    The more services you add the easier it will be for potential clients to find you.

  7. Add Your Activity Location

    Add your own activity location or find local gyms, spas, tennis courts or boxing clubs near you.

  8. Appointments At a Glance

    All your sessions and appointments can be seen here in your Fitness Friendz schedule.

  9. Plan Your Weekly Meals

    Create a diet plan in the Management section, set it as your current plan and see your weekly food diary here.

  10. Update Your Privacy Settings

    Privacy is important to us and we're constantly reviewing our processes to ensure your data is protected.

    Update your privacy settings here and ensure you only display what you want to other users.

  11. Your Done!

    There's a lot more to Fitness Friendz but for now, have a look around and check out our help page for more information or contact us if you have any more questions.